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[MMD Video] Aha! Preview

A new video and first one of the year? Yes. Should I have waited till Halloween for this video? Probably, but then everyday is Halloween. CX

Plus after Okuto-san released a model of Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Horror fem!Chucky, I knew I needed to use her~! I love Kotobukiya's art and designs, and would kill to be able to get his Bishoujo series figurines~!

Anyroad! Will say that I do like how this video turned out~ I hope everyone enjoys I too! C:

Video link

Picture Credits!

Chucky character by:

Don Mancini John Lafia

Tom Holland

Design by: Kotobukiya

Model by: Okuto

Pose by me, Based on her respective figurine

Stage: hiro K

Effects: 角砂糖, そぼろ

I believe that's everything! If there's anything that I missed, please do let me know so that I may change it ASAP! C:

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